"When the night falls, you can almost hear the stars."

Most of my days are spent roaming about the island, with many a memorable drive going west to east with the sun behind. The roads float  around hundreds of these young volcanoes, with sparse vegetation in the  form of lone palm trees, gigantic cacti, and alien-like lichen that  serve as visual reference in the vast nothingness. Like Mars. When the  night falls, you can almost hear the stars.

The rest of my time goes by in Famara, a 3km-long wind-wave-sand-dune  paradise framed by a dramatic 16 million year-old red basalt cliff. It  all makes sense there—the waves look like mountains and the mountains  look like waves. I told someone that line once because it sounded poetic but it's also the truth. 

Psychedelic Photography Off the Coast of West Africa

In-camera film experiments capture the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, a Canary island and one of the youngest places on Earth.

The Field (NYC), 2018.